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  • Detailed explanations for right and wrong answers
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What is the CCXP Exam Simulator?

The CCXP Exam Simulator is the most powerful learning tool available for candidates looking to pass their CCXP exam.

This tool is one-of-a-kind, combining e-learning, simulated exams, practice questions and mentoring. We are so confident that the simulator will help you achieve your goals that it comes with a full no-questions-asked 100% money back guarantee.

To date, over 1,000 students have used the simulator as part of their CCXP exam prep, including a number of RTPs (Recognized Training Providers) on the way to gaining their accreditation from the CXPA.

How to prepare for your CCXP


fernandoThe simulator helped me know what to expect in the exam and learn to manage my time effectively.

“The CCXP Exam Simulator was by far the best and closest material to the real exam that I was able to find. There are areas covered in the actual exam that I only saw in the Simulator. It was key in helping me to better complete the exam in the required time. I also found the Study Plan in the Expert Package an excellent resource to fill in the gaps and improve my skills with a great selection of targeted articles and recommendations. I definitely recommend the Simulator and also Michael's book for CCXP candidates preparing for the exam.”

– Fernando Dantas Jr, CCXP, Brazil

raniaI enjoyed every single minute I spent preparing for my CCXP using the simulator.

“The most important thing for me was that the logic behind choosing the right answers is simple yet very effectively explained. The references cited in the simulator answers are all enriching, especially in the areas of change management and customer-centric culture, where I needed to focus most. The book with the 18 principles naturally complements the tool.”

– Rania Mehwi, CCXP, Saudi Arabia

I am convinced that the questions/explanations in the exam simulator made the difference between passing and failing my CCXP.

“The exam simulator was fantastic. The tests were the most comprehensive that I used (and I tried many), the book was great, and the articles and study plan were a great compliment to bring it all together. I am going to require members of my team (a customer success department) to buy the book and exam simulator because I know it is the best path forward.”

– Stephen Andrews, CCXP, USA

aliThe Exam Simulator really helped me learn and understand the different types of questions to expect on the exam.

“I am grateful to Michael not only for his simulator, which played a big role in me passing my CCXP, but also for his enormous support. I have interacted with many CX people out there but the level of empathy and dedication shown by Michael to help others is unparalleled. ”

– Ali Malik, CCXP, Pakistan

christineIn addition to managing my expectations, the simulator provided insight on how to approach the questions.

“The mock exams were extremely helpful. I would highly recommend anyone preparing for the CCXP exam take them. The explanations to each question were valuable and provided a list of resources to gain further knowledge and prepare accordingly.”

– Christine Reymer, CCXP, Canada

ericI really liked that the complexity and difficulty level of the mock exams were much higher which makes sure you will be overprepared.

“The CCXP Exam Simulator has been of great help to me during my preparations for the actual exam. Besides testing your knowledge, the simulator is almost an exact copy of the format in which the actual exam is taken. Therefore, you know exactly what to expect during the actual exam. In addition, the simulator trains you to read and interpret the questions correctly. When doing the actual exam, you will notice that the questions will be less difficult which will give a feeling of confidence and comfort. And last but not least, the simulator is able to predict your final exam score, which will help you know if you ready. In my case it was only 1% difference with the actual score! So if you want to be (over)prepared: use the CCXP Exam Simulator!”

– Erik Triepels, CCXP, Netherlands



How does the simulator work?


The simulator provides two full mock CCXP exams under timed conditions. After each exam you will be able to step through and see detailed explanations for every answer. The expert package will also analyze your weaknesses using advanced analytics and then generate a personalized study plan for you.

The platinum package additionally contains the CCXP Prep Cast: 6 E-learning modules designed to ensure that you have fully absorbed the CCXP body of knowledge and have an appreciation of the latest CX frameworks and best practices. This package alone covers everything a CCXP candidate needs to be successful with both educational material and practice questions. The E-Learning totals 3 hours in length and complements the simulator perfectly. It can be treated like a podcast and played from your phone while commuting or simply watched from your computer or tablet.

Why should I choose the simulator?


Currently there is no other product on the market that simulates the CCXP Exam to this level of accuracy. The simulator does this so consistently, in-fact, that it can, with reasonable accuracy, predict your actual score in the real exam. There is also no other product that will provide a personalized study plan for you based on your performance in the mock exams. This augmented coaching can save you hours of wasted study by targeting just the areas that need improvement.

How many unique questions are in the simulator?


The simulator contains a bank of 200 unique questions which are spread between two mock exams. Each mock exam contains 100 questions, matching the current CCXP exam. No questions are ever duplicated across exams.

Who writes the CCXP certification sample questions used in the simulator?


The questions were all written by Michael Bartlett, a CCXP and author of CCXP Exam Preparation. Michael has coached many students through the exam since April 2017.

How hard are the practice tests vs the real exam?


The questions built into the simulator cover the same knowledge areas as the current CCXP exam but go much deeper. This is to ensure that students are over-prepared, which not only helps their chances in the exam but also provides them with additional depth of knowledge that can be implemented in their day-to-day work as practitioners. If you can score at least 60% on the sample tests, this should typically translate into an 80% passing grade on the real exam.

How closely does the simulator mimic the actual CCXP exam?


The CCXP mock exams are based on the real CCXP exam and should look almost identical. Each simulated exam also contains the same number of questions as the real exam and the same ratio of questions over the five competencies.

How will the simulator cut down my study time?


Every question is accompanied by detailed explanations for correct and incorrect answers to help you identify where you went wrong. The expert package also uses advanced analytics across 36 specific knowledge areas to help pinpoint your areas of weakness. It will then generate a personalized study plan to help you focus your energy on only the aspects which need improvement, saving you a lot of valuable time.

Is there a money back guarantee if I am not satisfied?


Yes, we offer a no-questions-asked full money back guarantee if you have completed at least one mock exam.

Will the PrepCast Training improve my score?


Current data from students suggests the PrepCast (Platinum Package) will increase your score in the real exam by 12% vs The Basic/Expert Packages.

Does getting a passing score in the simulator guarantee passing the CCXP exam?


No. Using the simulator with or without additional study is no guarantee that you will pass the exam.

What is the Mentor Module?


The Mentor Module is a highly targeted 10-question exam designed to test how you interpet the questions on the CCXP Exam. A large number of individuals who fail the exam do so because they misread or misinterpret the questions. This module will mentor you through that process.

What recommended materials should I use with the simulator as part of my study plan?


The expert package will generate a personalized study plan for you based on your weaknesses. The platinum package provides 3 hours of e-learning modules as well. Before you sit your first mock exam, we highly recommend you start with the creator's book: CCXP Exam Preparation.

Is there a volume discount available?


Yes, we offer 20% for any purchase of 10 packages or more.
Please e-mail us at to arrange volume discounting.

How do I get help for any issues or contact someone?


Please e-mail us at for all issues or questions.

How soon will I receive my log-in credentials after purchase?


If you click 'Return to Merchant' after your PayPal checkout, you will receive your credentials immediately. They will also be e-mailed to you.
If you do not do this, your purchase will need to be verified manually and will take up to 24 hours. Please e-mail us at for all account issues.